Gianni Versace S58 16M


Gianni Versace vintage sunglasses
model: S58 col.16m
color: black / gold
made in Italy 
made in 90's
Condition: New old stock
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The 1990s were not only exciting but also very glamorous. Gianni Versace embodied all that. The fashion house had it’s absolute heydays in the 90s until Gianni’s life was tragically taken away in 1997.

Gianni was an absolute visionary and his designs were loved and embraced by all the celebrities. Influenced by greek mythology, his designs were bold, colourful and glamorous. With the Medusa logo still being one of the best logos of all time. 

At the same time hip hop was going the same direction. With legends as Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and many others sharing their glamorous lifes on MTV we all grew up with flashy dreams. Champagne, silk shirts and Versace sunglasses with gold ornaments, that was the way to go. And it’s still the way to go!

Vintage versace sunglasses exactly resemble the glamour and flashiness of that exciting era. Black frames with gold medusas or better said: ‘black and yellow black and yellow..’