Hilton Exclusive 14


Hilton exclusive vintage sunglasses
model: Exclusive 14
material: 20kt goldplated
made in Italy 
made in 80's
Condition: New old stock
sizes (select below): 
58-16 - medium
60-16 - large
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Vintage Hilton sunglasses are happening since 2017 but are around much longer. It has that typical 80s vibe mixed with timeless elegance. It figures why tout jetset embraces this eyewear brand. All vintage Hilton sunglasses are made of top quality materials. Most models have a 24k plated gold finish and every pair comes with the flat lenses with special coating for nice reflection.


In the 1970’s En arrived from Uganda thrown out by the dictator Idi Amin. He moved to London with almost nothing. Working two jobs at the age of 33, success felt was a far-flung dream and it was all about survival.  He and his brother chanced upon a 5,000 pairs of glasses someone was looking to offload some stock with the words ‘Show me what you can do’. They travelled to several countries with a sample bag and won the deal, 5,000 times. Selling every single piece and earning enough to start a family business. Over time, they they learnt the art of designing and making frames. And so in the late 80’s, from years of experience, design and fashion knowledge in the family business the Hilton Gold collection was born. The gold collection draws inspiration from entrepreneurs who moved to London in the 80’s and their stories of courage, determination and ultimately striking gold. Each piece features simple yet refined gold details with signature Hilton design twists. Versatile enough for the smart London professional by day and the music loving urban dweller by night – the collection embodies the spirit of those who work hard and win. Designed in London and made in a small factory in Cadore, Italy between 1987 and 1992, a selection of frames from the original collection were carefully archived and preserved over the years. The gold collection has not been available for sale until this year. Construction, craft and quality are never compromised from the expert Italian manufacturing process to the final gold plated finish (source: http://hiltonheritage.co.uk)