Jean Paul Gaultier 56-0103


Jean Paul Gaultier vintage sunglasses 
model: 56-0103 (Marsellus Wallace) a.k.a. 56-0173
color: rusty copper 
made in Japan 
made in 90s 

Condition: new old stock
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Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses… Secretly our favourite!

JPG was without a doubt one of the biggest fashion houses during the 80’s and 90’s.

Loved for his creativeness and pushing boundaries.

Just like the haute couture his eyewear line was challenging and innovative.

Jean Paul’s creativity mixed with the Japanese precision and knowhow from Murai Co. Ltd resulted in a stunning collection.

Because of the exciting shapes and materials like metals and springs they are often referred to as steampunk sunglasses. 

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses… it’s in the details!